Welcome to the SealCraft Store!

Rainbow Rocket is out now!  Click Here For more details! 

Sometimes while playing a game, you just wanna get to where you wanna be you can focus on other things in the game. On SealCraft, the official r/PokemonSwordandShield Pixelmon server, we offer different Ranks, Items, and even Random Legendaries/Mythicals! 
13638e404c3fd1082fef011b94a4787b4ba7d61d.pngOur Rank packs come with several different commands such as /pokeheal or /feed, and have claimable loot every 48 hours. Every Rank is different, so make sure to carefully read each description to ensure that you buy what you want. SealCraft also offers Item Packs, and random pokemon packs (shinies/ legendaries). Please keep in mind that after any purchase, rewards may not be delivered instantly. Please allow some time to pass for your rewards to show up in-game. Purchases are non-refundable.
Every purchase made is greatly appreciated, and we would love to hear any feedback you have on it! If you have any questions or issues, reach out to our support team, buy@sealcraft.net