Aqua - 79.99 USD

"I will return everything to its unspoiled beginnings!"

Support the server with the Aqua Package!
Get the Aqua role on the server, and the following perks:

  • Access to the special Aqua kit (every 2 days):
    • New Running Shoes
    • 64 Ultra Balls
    • 1 Master Ball
    • 32 Max Potions
    • 8 Golden Apples
    • 8 Max Revives
    • 16 Rare Candies
  • Set up to five homes
  • 100,000 PokeDollars
  • Set of Team Aqua Armour
  • An XP ALL to share the xp with all of your team!
  • Access to the /itemname command
  • Join when the server is full
  • Access your PC anywhere with /pc
  • Heal your pokemon anywhere with /pokeheal
  • Use chat colours
  • Set your own time with /ptime
  • Change your name with /nickname
  • Access your enderchest wherever with /enderchest
  • Craft on the go with /wb
  • Get back to where you came from with /back
  • Never worry about food again with /feed
  • Give yourself a funny hat with /hat
  • Access a second inventory with /backpack COMING SOON